Wednesday, May 25, 2016

K.I.T Alerts Revamp PT ---- Alexia

~★•φ•★~K.I.T Alerts Revamp PT~★•φ•★~
~★•φ•★~Tube Alexia from Jose Cano and Blissful Designs Matching Kit~★•φ•★~

  Alexia Tube just for $2.00
A large 300dpi tube with layers for your graphic program
Alexia Tube and Kit only for $3.50
A large 300dpi tube for your graphic program. Plus an Awesome 
matching kit. This kit is filled with things just right for this tube. Please do not copy this kit.
Kit just for $2.00
Made to match the Alexia Tube. Can be used with any artist work. 

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